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January 2022

january 20, 2022

Top three paid growth tips for entrepreneurs

A good paid growth strategy can help you build a more lucrative business, generate multiple avenues of demand for your products or services, and achieve your business’ revenue goals. However, creating a paid growth strategy when you don’t come from an advertising or marketing background can be challenging.

Instead of taking a deep dive into the world of advertising or hiring an agency that you might not even need, here are three important tips that have been super helpful for the entrepreneurs I coach at IFundWomen. These tips will help boost your business and keep you within your budget.


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january 4, 2022

How to set 2022 business goals in five simple steps

As a founder, you’re in the business of turning a dream into reality. If you’re going to achieve your big dreams in 2022, you’ll definitely need well articulated goals that set you up for success! Here are a few tips to get you started.


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