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Starting up Handmade and Anime Cafe

I want to start up a storefront of where you can purchase handmade geeky and nerdy creations, import Japanese products, and hangout.

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Project Description

I want to open up a storefront where you can purchase nerdy and geeky creations, imported Japanese products, place to play tabletop games, hangout, snacks, drinks, watch anime and esports. A safe place to be yourself and have fun.

In Lindale, TX there isn't a place for that. In order to purchase anything geeky, you have to travel at least 45min. to be able to get special and unique gifts.

Lindale is a growing town with a big following for anime and tabletop gamers. But, to satisfy that need, they have to travel out of town, drive to Dallas, or purchase online.

We hope to offer events like tournaments for tabletop, console/pc games, and arcades.


The Campaign FAQs

What will my money be used for?

It will be used to help purchase equipment, location, and workers to transform a location into a comfortable and fun environment.

Who will own this business?

It'll be owned and operated by a husband and wife.  With the wife being owner and creator will operate the retail portion.  While, the husband will operate the cafe part of the establishment.

When will this idea turn onto a reality?

We are hoping by next year, we can get this dream establishment up and running.

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Just Because I Care

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