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Growth vs. scaling: What is your business ready for?




CEO & Founder of JDP Consult and MEND Jewelry


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July 27, 2022 • 10AM ET

Why you should take this workshop

Many founders don't know that "growing" your business and "scaling" your business are two very different things. The difference depends on what you ultimately want to achieve for your business. In this workshop, led by 3x founder Jordyn DiOrio, we will take time to reflect on what stage your business is currently in, learn the key differences between growing and scaling, and determine if your business is ready for either. You'll walk away with tangible next-steps that will help your business continue moving forward, regardless of what stage your business is in.


*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

What you will learn

  • The difference between "growing" and "scaling" your business
  • How to determine what stage your business is in
  • Whether growing or scaling is better for your business
  • How and why other businesses chose to either scale or grow using real life case studies

About the coach

Jordyn is a fiery entrepreneur with an insatiable passion for helping women owned businesses of all sizes grow. She's worked with startups and created her own ventures in the past five years, one receiving investment funding and scaling to six figures in less than two years. She successfully launched three ventures: MEND Jewelry, Founders Co. and JDP Consult. When she's not full steam ahead on entrepreneurship, she's reading nonfiction, listening to crime podcasts and exploring the latest coffee shop for an oat milk latte.

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