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Warrior Wellness CENTER - Village Cooperative

Never Give Up!

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Project Description

Mental Health and Movement combine to form the core of my Inner Fitness company, Warrior Wellness Consulting LLC. We are an empowerment and support service that helps you to accomplish all your health, wellness, and fitness goals. We help you create balance between your work & home-life without losing sight of Self Care.

Warrior Wellness Cooperative is a Headquarters Development Center for Fitness and Wellness Professionals to meet, network and continue to build relationships in the community. Members will be able to share interest and bring together all their respective education and /or service to the company. Each member will be part owners and contribute to the construction and upkeep of the Community Garden to ensure the best quality ingredients for the farm to table meals created in the Warrior Wellness Kitchen.


The Warrior Wellness mission is to serve as a one stop shop for individuals to receive the support they need in times of transition. Adapting to change can be challenging, especially if one does not have a strong support system set in place .

We Serve as that Support. We stand with  those who could benefit from having a village around them on their way to being the best possible versions of themselves. We seek to help them create and maintain a healthy work-life balance by providing services that promote Mental Wellness.


Warrior Wellness provides lifestyle services such as

  • Meal Prep Recipes
  • Online - In Person Cooking Classes
  • Delivery Subscription Services
  • Meal Kits - Preps
  • Personal Chef Services
  • Group Fitness Instruction
  • Personal Training
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Carpooling Services
  • Referral Programs
  • Group Therapy
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • Financial Planning


By offering these services and making them  accessible in our communities we hope to break down barriers that would otherwise prevent a person from thriving and moving forward in their Wellness Journey.

All  Services provided by Warrior Wellness members help to proactively aid  people who would otherwise not have access to tangible resources while they battle mental illnesses and other injuries you cannot see with your eyes. 


With everything from customized Fitness programs and Professional Organizational (Feng Shui) services our goal is to help our clients successfully navigate stressors that may arise in everyday life. 


Warrior Wellness provides Community and a Safe Space so that our clients feel less alone as they transform.

The Warrior Wellness Cooperative is made up of:

  • Dance Teachers
  • Yoga Instructors/Practitioners
  • Wellness & Life Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Owners 
  • Studio Owners
  • Single Parents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Therapists/Counselors
  • Creatives
  • Healthcare Providers

Practicing Self-love and self-care saved my life. I Am a guide that serves alongside others as they move forward on their journeys of healing.  


Through sharing stories from my own  walk through life and personal encounters on social media I AM breaking down the stigmas around Mental Health. 


Through the food I prepare with my hands I am sharing the Meditation and Mindfulness tools I've picked up on my journey so far.  Sharing my Yoga practice helps me to connect my body back with my mind. By healing and sharing in public I am doing my part in this world. 

That’s how Warrior Wellness was born. I started this business with stimulus money during the pandemic after being laid off from my job at LA Fitness after only being there 1 week.


I Never Give Up!

Warrior Wellness is a Safe Place people can go to receive the support they need on their way to being the best possible versions of themselves. This is Why We Exist 💪🏾


The Wellness field is estimated to be a 1.5 trillion-dollar industry currently with a 5- 10 percent growth opportunity. Now is the best time for all of us to invest in our health. Not only for monetary reasons but for life reasons if our current climate is any indicator. Health is Wealth!

The  Warrior Wellness Brand is a household name. I will see these centers sprout up around the world and in communities that need them the most. 


 All funds from this campaign will directly go into making that Dream into a REALity

$36,000 funds raised are allocated for a year's worth of rental Payments for a Full-service space with Cloud Kitchens. This space provides the opportunity for meals to be delivered and discovered through apps such as Door/Dash & Uber Eats. 


Here are other expenses that will aid in the success of the Warrior Wellness Village Co Op.  

Thank you in advanced for your support!



Funding will also help build the CASTE SYSTEM Daycare Center. I've had to turn down opportunities for years due to a lack of affordable childcare for my daughter. I am not the only parent who's had to make this sacrifice for their children. By coming together, pooling our time and resources this will serve as a safe place for members and their children to gather when the parent has commitments outside of the home to honor. Since the cooperative will be owned and operated by current members, they can leave knowing their children are in the trusted hands of their coworkers.


Thank you in advanced for all your support and taking the time to read the pitch for the Warrior Wellness Center. It is greatly appreciated!


Please reach out to me at [email protected] to Join the Steering Committee as a Founding Member! 

Peace & Love <3


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Warrior Wellness raising funds for? 

We are in the process of building the following:

  • Community Garden
  • Kitchen Space
  • DAYCARE & Service Development Center
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