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Project Description


Hire a Local, Travel like a Local!

Wander’s locals curate travel itineraries so you can travel like a local!

 Take a look at our Iceland Road Trip

You want a seamless vacation? You want an adventure? You want to travel like a local? See all the best sites and all the secret spots?

But you are super busy, right? Who has time to read all those travel books and comb through all those websites?  You can either hire a travel agent or a tour group. These are expensive, not flexible and you are stuck with a group of strangers.

Or…… You can Wander Like Me!!!

We are part travel site and part social entrepreneurs, where the “Me” is our locals. 


Lauren McCullagh, Chief Wanderer

If you are like me you love to explore and hike Bryce National Park, island hop through the Grenadines, or take cooking classes in Thailand. But my most memorable travel experiences have been when my friends were showing me around or I was staying with a host family. You get a real feel for the culture, the people, the language, and the food. They show you all the best places…where to find the best hot dogs in Iceland, where to find the secret waterfalls in the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico, or where to hear Catalan music in L’Eixample in Barcelona.

But wait! What if you don’t have a friend in those places!

Wander is based on my experiences wandering the world with locals and wanting to help connect others with locals so they can have the same amazing experience.

Come wander with us!


What We Do:

Wander hires locals to help develop detailed itineraries for people who want to travel like a local.

Whether it’s a road trip or a city trip, our locals give you a step-by-step guide of activities, hotels, and maps. It’s not a list of top ten, it’s a detailed itinerary based on what you want to see and recommendations from our locals. And we give you some fun facts! You can add and swamp out items and we bake in time for you to explore.

See an example itinerary.


When you plan everything else in your life, let us plan your next adventure!


How it works:

1. Fill out the questionnaire about your dream trip on our website.

2. Tell us about the places you want to see and go on your trip.

3. We will provide you with a personalized itinerary (soon to be an app).


Where we stand! 

We are well on the way! PEOPLE LOVE US. We have had a lot of support from the travel community. We have been hustling and meeting with our advisors at Voyager HQ, Muses App, Amex Travel and Protravel. We have our website, our locals (and looking for more), sold some itineraries and started to design the Wander app.


Ayuda! Help us be THE BEST!

But we need your help! Our goal is to be social entrepreneurs and help provide jobs to locals, and a travel startup all in one.

With your help, we want to hire some super amazing people to develop an app, help with marketing and hire more locals in different places around the worldIMG_2548. Check us out and please support me and our locals to get this company off the ground.

Visit our Site www.wanderlike.me

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