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Our Upcoming G{Code} Plans and Funding Needs!


What is coming next? Where can we use your support?

  1. Intro to G{Code} Support: There are several recurring, foundational costs to sustain Intro to G{Code. These different costs range from directly supporting the basic needs of our participants, distributing technology equipment in order to enable best learning, and long-term monetary assistance to maintain and promote the continued growth and career exploration of our graduates. These different costs include:

    1. Food stipends - we provide $30 per week to all participants
    2. Transportation stipends - we cover costs of public transportation (~$50) for all participants when programming is in person
    3. Laptops - we provide refurbished laptops (est value ~$900) to participants who otherwise do not have reliable access to a computer
    4. Wifi hotspots - we provide wifi hotspots (est cost ~$400) to participants who otherwise do not have reliable access to internet connectivity
    5. Speaker fund - although most of our partners for personal and professional development workshops partner with us pro bono, we maintain a small fund (~$500) to compensate speakers when needed
    6. Graduate fund - we hope to grow our small fund so that we can provide small stipends ($500-$1500) to help relieve costs of continued technical learning/transitioning into tech that are incurred during additional training.


  2. G{Code} House support: One of the largest and most exciting plans for G{Code}’s growth and development is the construction of our Carriage House. This construction will be a key aspect of Phase One of our development, as the Carriage House will serve as a safe, empowering, and flexible co-working and co-learning space that will be utilized for our Intro to G{Code} programming. We have also designed the Carriage House to help foster connections with the greater community, as we plan to use the space to host various events and workshops. At this time, we have a small gap in the necessary funding to complete the construction of the Carriage House. If we can close this gap, the space will be ready to open by the spring of 2022!