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G{Code}'s Progress!


  • We ran the Intro to G{Code} program with two cohorts (31 participants total) and maintained a 97% retention rate, with 70%+ of our graduates continuing on with their technical journeys through self learning, bootcamps, internships, rotational programs, etc. Below our some of our incredible Alumni spotlights:

    Nicole A landed a software engineering internship at Adapt Agency, was selected as a fellow at Hack.Diversity, and now works as a software engineering intern at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. 

    Ebony was selected to participate in’s Apprenticeship Pathway Program, which will culminate in a full time software engineering role at Intuit. 

    Nicole B was selected to participate in Resilient Coders and now works as a software engineer at Homesite Insurance.

    Aden received a full scholarship through Galvanize to attend HackReactor’s Software Engineering Immersive Bootcamp.

    Carolin was selected to participate in Resilient Coders and now works as a software engineer at the Broad Institute.

    Mariamawit was selected to participate in Apple’s Career Experience Program as a Developer Publications Engineering Project Manager.

    Kayla and Roselynn were selected to participate as software engineering apprentices through Creating Coding Careers

  • We provided stipends for food, transportation, and technical equipment including laptops and wifi to support our students during the program. We also gave G{Code} swag and prizes to all participants to celebrate their graduation from the program.
  • We partnered with several awesome speakers to lead personal and professional development workshops on topics including financial literacy, mental and physical wellbeing, recruiting and interviewing best practices, etc. 
  • We created a small fund to support Intro to G{Code} graduates that need financial assistance to subsidize living expenses and/or cost of materials while pursuing additional technical training.
  • We contracted with a grant writer to help us secure additional funds.  
  • We completed the initial design process of the G{Code} House in partnership with Sasaki, Arup, and Blackspace. 
  • We finalized a contract with New England Design and Construction, a firm that will partner with us from G{Code} House permitting to construction completion. 
  • We solidified a partnership with Wayfair to furnish the G{Code} House.