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18% Funded - Let's Rally for ILLA iOS!

Dear Funders,

We're thrilled to share that our crowdfunding campaign has been live for one week, and we've reached 18% of our funding goal, thanks to the incredible support from our dedicated backers like you!

A significant portion of you chose to join our all-new Insider Club, gaining access to exclusive perks, benefits, and insider-only events, and we're excited to see this new segment of our community grow. 

Many of you also gave generously either through monetary donations and/or consulting time—and we can all thank ANNIE for sponsoring Horseback Riding, which will be added to the ILLA platform soon!

While we've made an impressive start, we still have a long way to go, and we're counting on our fantastic community to help us get there. 

Please consider sharing details about the Insider Club ( with any outdoor women+ you think might be interested. And don't forget about our other enticing rewards, such as cozy beanies, stylish jerseys, startup/app consulting, and snowmobile adventures! 

The reality is that if we fall short of our funding goal, getting ILLA into the AppStore will be significantly more challenging and time-consuming. So let's work together to make ILLA iOS a reality for everyone!

Thank you for your ongoing support, and let's keep the momentum going as we push toward our goal!

Let's make ILLA the best it can be!

With enormous gratitude,

p.s. If you're part of the Insider Club, you should have received a warm welcome email from me, Tana, detailing all the fantastic benefits and details of our upcoming Insider-Only Moab Adventure Weekend. Don't see it? Check your junk or email me at [email protected]