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HOLISTIC CANINE CARE. Fit for people. But made for dogs.

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Project Description

The Healing Hound is excited to be one of the first mainstream pet care companies to launch products fit for people but made for dogs.

The Healing Hound offers a complete line of organic, aromatic, canine care products based in Ayurvedic medicine.  Everything we make – from shampoo to paw wax – is formulated from a uniquely holistic perspective.  We recognize the connection between a dogs physical health and emotional well being. Therapeutic essential oils, along with all ingredients, are carefully selected to align your dog’s grooming needs to an exceptionally positive grooming experience – like soothing oils and herbs to assist anxiety, or that can help an older dog feel more energized.

Your support will provide the additional contribution (we’ve put in 20K to date) to refine the personality of the brand so may begin manufacturing The Healing Hound products in upstate New York by our certified organic team.

Together, we can provide an exceptional way for people to love their dogs, the planet and, of course, give dogs what they deserve. We look forward to sharing our products with pet shops, groomers, and making our way into online shopping carts all over the world!

We appreciate your contribution – thanks for being a part of our pack. 

The Healing Hound: Ease Product Line

The Healing Hound: Ease Product Line prototype


George (right) and his pal hamming it up for the camera.

Black girlie tee    Mans black tee

Sample Tee Shirt (We have men’s and women’s styles)


Meet Bode & Viv – our two early backers!

black hoodie bac     Black hoodie

Sample Hoodie (We have men’s and women’s hoodies and zip ups)


Our resident model, Libby, was just adopted by a new family!

ToTE copy

Sample Tote


Oscar getting back to nature.



Tammy and Vember founded The Healing Hound in 2016. For 20+ years, Tammy has owned and operated several businesses related to the pet industry. These include WolfPack Girl pet services NYC, Island Pet Organic boutique grooming/supplies and River Dog Organic pet supplies.  Vember is a certified Ayurvedic professional by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has been formulating restorative products for people and animals as a passion for years. She is also a 10+ year companion to a sweet Jindo-mix named Lulu.

In starting the company, Tammy and Vember both feel like they didn’t choose The Healing Hound so much as it chose them. And since they are both big believers in Karma, a percentage of all proceeds will go to dog-related charities.

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  1. Vember


    Thank you to everyone who came out for the NYC Launch Party! And a special thanks to all of you who have made your contributions – we are so thrilled that you are sharing this journey with us. It Takes A Village!

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