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The Coven is a community and work space for women in Minneapolis.

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Project Description



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Women in Minneapolis constantly find themselves with no designated community space where they can go to gather, recharge, learn from, celebrate and work with one another. From Boomers to Gen Z, today’s women are on the hunt for meaningful connections. We believe together, women make magic. Enter The Coven. A community space created by women, for women.

The Coven is a space for those who identify with womanhood. It’s a space for work and play, and fills a gap addressed by no other business in the Twin Cities. We’re building a dynamic and diverse community of women who inspire each other to live more empowered lives.

We believe in the economic advancement and empowerment of women. The Coven is interested in likeminded investors who can help us make our idea, space, and community bigger. We believe finding investors who share our values and believe in our vision are a core part of our future growth and success.

At the core of our business is a 5-for-1 scholarship model to offer membership to women in the community, who meets specific socioeconomic needs, creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment. For every five members, we’ll fund one full scholarship.

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The Coven is a beautifully-designed, modern space for work and play in the North Loop offering services women want and need, making it easy for them to be their best selves. All images presented on this page include our actual real estate along with inspirational photos. We think about our services in three ways:

  • Those that enrich the intellectual fabric of our community.
  • Those that help members stay in boss mode by taking ‘to-do’s’ off their list.
  • Those that help women relax, recharge, and reconnect with one another socially.


We’re creating a physical space where women can work, meet, and connect with other like-minded women. Amenities include:

  • Cozy, luxe furnishings conducive to work and play.
  • Shower and dressing room, lockers, and a beauty room outfitted with products for every skin and hair type.
  • A mother’s room to relax while pumping or nursing, complete with natural light, soothing music, a sink, fridge, and the comfiest chair you could imagine.
  • A fresh rotating selection of food and beverage for purchase; including breakfast and lunch options, barista made coffee and tea, as well as cocktails, beer, and wine.
  • Private phone booths, a fully outfitted conference room, printing, and Free Wi-Fi.
  • A great sound system with your favorite music from your favorite female artists.


The Coven offers services that make it easier for women to stay in boss mode. We’ve designed our services around the things we wish we had during our demanding careers in fast-paced environments. Services include:

  • Professional development services: mentor matching, executive coaching, and member networking events.
  • Task and errand concierge services designed to give you back your free time: dry cleaning, gift shopping, shipping returns, meal prep, and more.


A rich calendar of programming and events featuring national and local personalities. Learning opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Empowering workshops across a variety of topics: personal finance, negotiation, creative expression, etc.
  • Lecture series with female authors, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs about politics, culture, and art.

Components of Membership

We’re offering a limited number of Founding Memberships at a $400 discount off the normal annual rate. There are 150 Founding Memberships available only through iFundWomen. Once Founding Memberships are gone, standard memberships go to $2,200. Membership with The Coven includes full access to our space and services during operating hours, and base admission to all Coven events and programming. Founding Memberships also come with perks like a free month of unlimited access at Alchemy, a fitness studio and gym, and access to professional coaching workshops from LEVELED – trust us both will change your life.

Founding memberships give you complete access to all programming scheduled in our space. Programming content is arranged by monthly theme and covers topics as wide and diverse as Personal Finance to Entrepreneurial Insights to Talking to kids about Gnarly Topics. Our content calendar is filled with 3+ events per week including a mix of:

  • Social mixers
  • In-house Alchemy yoga classes
  • Create & connect evenings with LAB
  • Local and nationally known artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, and authors as featured speakers
  • Professional workshops with Leveled Leaders

As a founding member you also reserve private classes and content with our partners (5+ organizations and counting) including 1:1 executive coaching for a discounted “Friends and Family” rate.

As a member of The Coven you are welcomed into an active community of women – one we help you connect with in whatever way you want to. We facilitate mentorship duos and groups, aligning women around shared interests and passions (e.g. looking to get into politics, starting your own business, looking to jump to the next stage of your career, etc). The Coven also provides a great landing pad and respite for women who are new to our city with organized events and dinners specifically for women new to MPLS. Included in our community benefits are connections to other local organizations and places of business that promote pro-women ethics and raise up all the women of our city.

As a founding member you will get first access and invitations to our community events and groups prior to opening!

At the core of our business is a 5-for-1 scholarship: for every five members, we’ll fund one full scholarship. This model enables us to offer memberships to women in the community who meet specific socioeconomic needs, so we can create a truly diverse and inclusive environment. Scholarships will be based upon applications and recommendations launched before opening.

As a founding member you can invite 4 other friends to join with you and we’ll create a scholarship in your name.

Our support services are created specifically to help you reclaim your time. From Dry-Cleaning pickup, to registering your kids for summer camps, helping to align and schedule home services (e.g cleaning/organization services) to helping you remember and prepare for personal commitments (YES we will help shop for your mother-in-law’s birthday), to being a designated drop off for Amazon returns – we offer the concierge services you need to stay in Boss mode. We even have a kickass meal prep service from Crate to Table available.

As a founding member you can help us craft the specifics of these services and ensure all your needs are covered!

Our amenities range from the stuff that makes you look and feel amazing, along with recharged, relaxed, and prepared. We have a fully stocked beauty bar with product for all hair and skin types. No seriously, ALL types. Shower and Dressing room with towel service. Blowdryers, Straighteners and all the other supplies to help you feel 100. Bathrooms that are always stocked to meet your needs. Work space includes extra chargers, printers, and the tech to keep your life moving. Of course we also have coffee, wine and other goodies to keep you motivated throughout the day and evening!

As a founding member you also get access to our preferred vendors list and personal introductions to the Partners and Services that keep The Coven running.

The Coven occupies the entire top two floors of a gorgeous, historic building in the North Loop of MPLS. All four sides of our building are flanked with floor to ceiling windows, enough to replenish your Vitamin D supply on even the dreariest of winter days – and our open floor plan will accommodate a variety of events and gatherings. Our space includes a locker room, shower and dressing space, beauty bar, mother’s room, conversation pods and private phone booths, a conference room, and a huge prep kitchen with a coffee and wine bar. We are located one block away from multiple bus stops and directly across the street is a large parking ramp, along with ample street level parking.

To allow our members the chance to be in Boss mode as much as possible, we’re opening our space (both public conference room, and the entirety of the 4th floor entertainment space) for rental. As a founding member you receive a 50% discount on any space rental for personal or professional needs.


We explored many different paths to funding The Coven including traditional funding from VCs, investors, and banks. But at the end of the day those options don’t reflect our mission of being built by women, for women. Nor do they value the same things we do: we’re building The Coven because it’s part of our life’s work – we’re not building it to scale it and sell it. We believe the power of The Coven lies with the community so we decided to turn to iFundWomen, a female only crowdfunding platform, to get the job done. Funds secured through our crowdfunding campaign will be used to build out our physical space, the most critical component of The Coven.

The Coven was founded by four women who met during our careers in advertising. While each of us climbed the ranks to prominent leadership positions within our agencies, we came to the realization that the world we were trying to succeed in was not built for us, and we decided it was time to build our own. We are driven by a cause much larger than any one of us – to create a personal and professional haven for women in our community.