Sat Nam babe yoga+play clothing for kids

NY based kids play + yoga clothing for a new generation. Conscious manufacturing. Inspiring kids (+ parents!) to reach for the stars.

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Project Description

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 Sat Nam babe is a socially conscious line of play and yoga clothing for kids under five and babies. 

** August 2017 update: You can still order product through this crowdfunding page! Or visit All items are in stock and will ship within 1-2 business days.

Sat Nam friends, family, early followers!

Who are we? Sat Nam babe is a socially conscious line of play and yoga clothing for kids under five and babies. In Kundalini yoga, the words “Sat Nam” translates to “truth is my identity.” As our littlest kids go through life and are faced with societal pressure, family pressure, etc. may they always be true to themselves and what they were meant to accomplish in this lifetime. In other words, let’s let our kids live their wildest dreams and shoot for the stars!


A socially driven company: What does being socially conscious mean to us? It means that the suppliers that we are using are local to NYC as much as possible to minimize our carbon footprint, that we choose women owned companies as much as we can, that our vendors are paying employees fair wages, that we are consciously choosing our raw materials (such as recycled plastic bottles to make pants!) to minimize our environmental footprint. And even this crowdfunding platform was consciously chosen – run for and by women!

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Funds raised from this launch will help fund our first round of production. In addition to getting your kids, nieces, nephews, friends’ kids, grandkids, etc. outfitted in our clothes from day one, we are also looking to have a presence this year at yoga festivals, yoga studio pop up shop events, in retail stores and other opportunities that come our way to get this product into the hands of potential consumers. We also need to build out our e-commerce site. Funds raised from this campaign will go toward the cost of goods for our first round of production and our e-commerce site.


Supporting communities: We will be donating a percentage of funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign to Rosie’s Kitchen, in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town will always hold a special place in my heart and Rosie feeds many children in need each day with her selfless and positive approach toward life. And our give back spirit in this campaign is just the start; giving back to the community in a sustainable and meaningful way will always be an important part of our company’s heart and soul.

Supporting an ethical fashion industry: There are so many injustices in the fashion industry (i.e. unsafe factories, child labor, etc) we want to join the list of ethical fashion companies and be proud of where our products are coming from. So we are saying no to unsafe factories in Bangladesh and yes to local as much as possible. In the beginning, our harem pants will be produced in an ethical factory in India where workers are paid above the living wage and my pattern/sample maker makes frequent visits. Our tees will be screen printed in Brooklyn. And lastly, our yoga pants are proudly printed, cut and sewn in New York City. I personally met with and handpicked all of my suppliers that are based in New York and look forward to creating meaningful, sustainable relationships with them beyond our first production round.


Thank you so much to all of my amazing friends and networks for your love, smarts, support, encouragement, feedback, letting me borrow your children for fittings, educating me on the 101’s of dressing kids and raising kids, pro bono legal, accounting, business strategy and videography services (big shoutout to Elizabeth and team at Good Counsel, Jonathan and Senem at the Baruch Entrepreneurship Field Center and Shahrouz from Designity who connected me with Yi, the very talented SVA masters student who produced our crowdfunding video and was so incredibly patient with me throughout the entire process).

And special shoutouts to my family at the Center for Social Innovation co-working space who inspire me and are working toward social change every day; to Katerine and her team at SoHarlem/Sew It Is, who have taught me so much in so little time around what it takes to produce an ethical, well-made piece of clothing and to have fun while doing it. And an extra special thank you to Katerine who is featured in my video at the SoHarlem space; to my friend Javier who introduced me to SoHarlem and literally blew me away the day he told me you can make pants out of plastic bottles; to the incredibly talented Casey who truly brought my vision for the clothing to life with fun lively prints and silhouettes; to our suppliers who we are so excited to work with and build long-term working relationships with; to my long time friend Vishal, who put the fire under me on International Women’s Day March 8, 2016 to sprint to the finish getting this concept to market, to my brother Justin who told me to use The Lean Startup book as my entrepreneur bible and who will surely be next to me in any negotiations we entertain down the road with potential investors and lastly to my dad, my biggest fan, who wants the harem pants in his size (perhaps for round 2 of production!)

Sat Nam babe is meant to represent the dreamer in all of us, regardless of age or current situation. Hold steadfast to your dreams and live out your destiny!

Please see the FAQ section for more detailed information on how to pre-sale product.

Founder and CEO, Sat Nam babe

Version 2

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