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Straightforward and nurturing strategies for parents and couples who want more.

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Project Description

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We have four 4 pillars:

1.) Communicating effectively with your partner and children
2) Owning your energy, mindset, and behavior
3) Parenting on the same page- Teamwork
4) Redesigning Discipline

Our goal is to empower parents and children to create happier and healthier relationships. working both in families homes in the most natural environment as well as with parents virtually all over the world.

Parenting With A Punch was started by Amanda Houle.  Amanda is a Parenting Strategist, Behavior Therapist and host of the podcast, Parenting with a Punch show.

The foundation of Parenting With a Punch lies solely on promoting optimal parent-child interactions as well as a healthy dynamic partnership. Amanda focuses on the social emotional development domain as a child’s self esteem is the forefront of all 4 developmental domains. The first few years of a child’s life are critical to who they will become as an adult. When you can honestly take ownership of your energy in parenting and face the responsibility of your role in parenting life will be more fun!

Amanda is your biggest cheerleader! Just ask her clients!

“We are going to solve this. I am going to have a 9 year old that will learn how to process his feelings, and a mother that isn’t going to feel like she is going to lose her shit every single day of her life. I cannot speak highly enough. it is worth every penny. ” Karen M

“I went up to my room when upset took 5 deep breaths and counted to 10. I felt so much better. When you give me positive feedback I feel so good about myself. I want you to tell mom cause she probably won’t believe me.” M and M. H.

Amanda’s niche is ages 2-6 years old due to her strong desire and passion to create change early. Amanda also specializes in working with children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, ODD, Sensory Processing, Anxiety, and neuro-typical children displaying behavioral challenges.

Your contributions help to bring Parenting With a Punch a full time business. Funds are allocated towards: (Free) Informational Podcast, allowing me to continue to host free events for parents, and creating more educational opportunities for clientele, and publishing Parenting With a Punch first book, and more!

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