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Taking NEXTonSCENE® Podcast to NEW HEIGHTS!

JZ Social Enterprises, LLC & NEXTonSCENE® Modern Media
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Project Description

NEXTonSCENE® podcast started as “#GETSCENE” back in 2015. The platform was created for start-ups to celebrities to showcase their NEXT ventures we should know about. The who/what/when/where and WHY you should know about it!

13245474_1541395899499361_5758994311054696289_n (1)The system was built completely off social media. From learning how to build the system, hosting, editing, promoting and to book the talent!

Four years later AND 300,000 listeners later I am ready to take my show to the next level!

I want to be able to now offer on-site interviews with a remote recorder that will allow me more fun and interactive shows including audio and VIDEO!

I also want to be able to update my entire studio from laptop to programs I use for recordings and get a nicer set up so my audience and guests feel like they can be more a part of the ride!