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Project Description

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Nest Collaborative is a modern pediatric and lactation practice, meeting the demand from today’s busy family for safe, convenient and affordable access to quality pediatric care, at home.


When your 3 year-old spikes a fever on a work night, your toddler develops pink eye as you’re leaving for vacation, or you’re struggling during those first few weeks with your newborn, Nest Collaborative is here to help.   Simply log-in conveniently from home when you first sense a problem, see a board-certified provider for the guidance and treatment your family needs, and move on with your day!

Utilizing a cutting-edge and HIPAA-secure video platform, our providers address common pediatric and breastfeeding concerns that can be safely treated from the comfort of home.  Instead of loading everyone into the car for a Sunday night trip to the ER, or calling out of work and school for a mid-day sniffle-check, you now have an affordable alternative.  For those questionable rashes, stomach bugs and nighttime fevers, our Maryland-based practice provides accessible same-day care and participates with most major health plans.  Our service is often available for as little as a regular office copay.

Pregnant and postpartum women can access our board-certified lactation consultants for breastfeeding education, guidance and problem-solving before and after birth.   For many mothers, the early postpartum days can be extremely trying –  for Dads, too.  Nest Collaborative brings new mothers immediate support and guidance as soon as they need it, easing this transitional time and allowing parents to focus on the joy these first few days can bring.  Further, our lactation visits are often covered completely in full by health insurers, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.




The overburdened primary care health system currently falls short in providing affordable and accessible same-day care options.  Seeing a pediatric provider today for your child’s tummy ache requires hours in the waiting room, missed work and school, unnecessary exposure to illness and, often, hefty out-of-pocket copays – increasing the frustration for both parents and their cranky little ones.

Critically, there is a concerning lack of collaboration between most same-day medical service options and the primary care system.  The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians have both adopted the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care, promoting a team-based approach involving all of a patient’s healthcare providers.  The medical home model ensures both continuous and quality of care for the patient, and cost-effectiveness for the health care system.  When families are forced to rely on immediate care options outside of their medical homes, team collaboration is fractured, leading to a breakdown in care, poor patient health outcomes and increased costs for everyone.

your family'sMEDICAL HOME (2)

Existing telemedicine options do not address this breakdown in collaboration.  At Nest Collaborative, we are committed to upholding the integrity of each family’s medical home, and routinely collaborate with the primary providers of our patients, supplementing their services when they are simply not available.

No need to call out of work or load everyone into the car! Simply login for your child’s next appointment and be on your way to work and school faster. (2)


State legislations have acknowledged the existing breakdown in the continuity of medical care and now actively recognize telemedicine as a valuable and necessary asset in providing continuous and comprehensive healthcare. Currently, 33 US states require health insurers to pay for telemedicine visits. Eight more states have proposed laws on the table.  Forbes Magazine reports that telemedicine will see a cumulative annual growth of nearly 25% per year over the next five years, with nearly 5.4 million video consultations between primary care providers and their patients by the year 2020.

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Nest Collaborative gives families access now to this emerging and available field of pediatric and maternal telemedicine, while concurrently working together with their existing primary medical homes. We become an integral part of their team, collaborating to improve the healthcare outcomes for both children and mothers, and saving everyone valuable time and hard-earned money.  


I am proud to have launched Nest Collaborative with the goal of improving health resources for young families, and am honored and extremely excited to have been selected for iFundWomen’s first Maryland cohort of female entrepreneurs.  I am seeking funding from my personal and local networks of friends, fellow parents, healthcare professionals, thinkers and creatives to support our growth.  While we are already actively in practice, we’d like to start growing and offering our services to more families, nationwide.  In addition, we are looking to develop materials that will enable us to share our lactation services with postpartum mothers prior to their discharge from the hospital.  For both pediatric and lactation concerns, earlier access to resources can greatly improve outcomes down the road.  Further, funding will allow us to strengthen our professional partnerships with hospitals, birthing professionals and pediatric offices, and add to our personal team of medical providers.  Your financial support will increase the availability of our service families across the country.


We know you know someone who could use Nest Collaborative. Your contribution will help us get the word out to families that personalized and affordable pediatric and lactation help is just a click away.  The more parents and families there are that know we exist, the more we can service their needs by providing them with what we know they already desire – quality, affordable and accessible healthcare.

We hope that our ideas resonate with you. We know you’ve experienced the challenge of navigating your own health care, and hope that you believe in the value Nest Collaborative can provide to families, and to the greater healthcare system by helping to bridge the care gap.

We hope to engage as many potential supporters as possible; any amount counts.  So please give and spread the word!  We want to know we are needed!  My hope is not only that you want to fund our campaign, but that you want to be a part of Nest Collaborative’s growing family.

I truly appreciate your support in allowing us to grow.


When you’re child is sick, care options should be easy to access and integrate with your primary medical home – a collaboration must exist among all of your child’s care providers.  Whether he visits urgent care for a fever, has a speech therapist at school or sees more complex health specialists, your child deserves a team-oriented approach to their wellness.  Convenience and accessibility shouldn’t undermine this.

-Amanda Gorman, Nest Collaborative