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To manufacture The LOOK Book mascot plush HUNTER, the adorable, lovable, huggable stuffed owl!!

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Project Description

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The LOOK Book, Nantucket

The LOOK Book, Inc. began on a brownie trip with my daughter to the island of Nantucket. Needing something to engage the girls and teach them about the island I created my first scavenger hunt in book form. 


A “little voice” told me to proceed with marketing and The LOOK Book, Inc. was born! I am a self taught, self published author with 15 books and counting. It has been an incredible journey from kindergarten teacher… to mom… to business owner. I now sell “revenue producing marketing tools to the tourist industry”, translation…my products are sold to a tourist destination at wholesale and then marketed and sold by them at retail to their visitors. My products include scavenger hunts in book and app form, branded apps and soon to include our mascot, HUNTER!

                                          FROM this…

Hunter Drawing TO this…   HunterBooks-4

HUNTER the adorable lovable, huggable stuffed owl!!

I developed a prototype for HUNTER a year and a half ago and have been researching the best way to manufacture a plush. I have found a reputable company which comes highly recommended by an individual who has been in the plush industry for over 30 years. The total cost of a small first run, including shipping will be approximately $10,000.