Fancy Free for Hair & Skin

The perfect combination of oils and shea butter, a chemical free products for your hair and skin. Made with your health in mind!

Fancy Free Health + Science
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Project Description

We provide quality, inexpensive, all-in-one products for hair and skin that are free of harsh chemicals. Fancy Free is dedicated to creating excitement about STEM in inner city communities by offering employment opportunities, laboratory technique training, and education on how science relates to the beauty industry. Studies show that women spend more than $50 billion dollars annually on products for their hair and skin. Proving to spend a premium price for products that make claims of being free from harmful chemicals. As a medical laboratory scientist with a background in cosmetology, Owner/Operator Fancy has developed a line of products that are free of harsh chemicals that actually do what they claim to do. All of the products are developed with natural remedies to common hair and skin complaints in mind and tested on Fancy and family before we offer them to our customers.

We are seeking funding to invest in a larger manufacturing space for our growing production needs and to increase our marketing budget so we can get the word out about our amazing products.

Our Team
Owner/Operator: Iyonna Woods, MS, MLS(ASCP)SBB
Senior Cosmetologist: Centry Greene
Cosmetics Consultant: Jennifer Alexander, PhD
Sales Director: Ashanti Woods, M.D.
Creative Director: Kelyn Greene
Marketing: Krystal Myers, MA
Public Relations: Chezia T. Cager, MA
Legal: Krystle I. Myers, Esq.