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The nail salon for the woman who needs her polish to be as sleek as her pantsuit.

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Project Description

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The nail salon for the woman who needs her polish to be as sleek as her pantsuit


Ale and Kim

Our story started with our own personal frustration of not being able to find a go-to nail salon during business school. Why couldn’t we book appointments online? Why did we need to tip in cash (and who carries cash these days)? Why did quality vary so much within the same salon? The whole process was inconvenient, inefficient, and outdated. 

Our approach is simple. We are disrupting the nail industry by providing high-quality manicures without the fuss.


We accommodate your busy life by offering seamless online booking, affordable membership options, and early morning hours. And our gratuity-included pricing means you never have to bring cash.  No more sacrificing your weekends or lunch hour for nail care or trips to the ATM!


We specialize in manicures. No facials, waxing, or even pedicures. All of our technician training is designed to give you the perfect manicure, every time. In fact, ezza comes from the Italian word “esatto,” meaning “exactly.” No more inconsistent manicure quality!


We collect and save your nail care preferences when you book online, so your technician can always hit the ground running. You can even pick your polish color before your appointment and we’ll have it ready for you upon your arrival. And with free wi-fi and tablet access, we invite and encourage multitasking. No more hour-long productivity dead zone!


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ezza is about more than just nails. From pops of our signature empower-mint green color, to our playlist of female power anthems, to the portraits of boss female icons Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sheryl Sandberg, the entire experience is designed to make our customers feel confident and empowered. We want women to leave ezza feeling like they can run the world, so we’re building our business with these core values:

EMPOWER WOMEN ON BOTH SIDES OF THE MANICURE TABLE : We believe in the incredible leadership potential of both the women we serve and the women we employ.

CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO: We believe there is a huge opportunity to disrupt the nail industry, elevating the existing experience for both our customers and our employees. Check out this New York Times expose to learn more!

STRIVE FOR EZZALENCE: We are constantly looking to innovate and improve. We want our staff and customers to give us honest, critical feedback so we can learn and grow from it.

SUPPORT OUR SQUAD: Our employees are family. We foster a community of women who encourage each other to shatter glass ceilings and have fun doing so — all while taking home a fair living wage in an ethical workplace.

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The idea for ezza began in the fall of 2016, shortly after we started our MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Ale recognized that there was a huge opportunity to improve the current nail salon options for busy, modern women. We didn’t know many people in the nail industry, but set out to learn everything we could. That’s one of the reasons why Ale decided to go to nail school. At one point, she was running ezza, going to nail school and attending business school full-time!

As we learned more about the industry, it became clear that recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining great nail technicians would be critically important to the success of ezza. That’s where Kim comes in. Before business school, both of us had worked at Teach For America, and Kim has 9 years of experience developing and managing talent. Together, we set out to build a business that would empower women on both sides of the manicure table.

We launched our pop-up salon in Chicago’s Gold Coast in October 2016 and heard from countless customers and members how long they’d been searching for an option like ezza. Now we’re preparing to open our first full-time location in the River North neighborhood, close to where many of our customers live and work.

All of your contributions will help us raise the funds we need to open our very first ezza. Thank you for your support and stay polished with ezzasalon.com!




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A go-getter basic manicure tailored to your preferences. We’ll prep your cuticles, buff and shape your nails, and apply that perfect coat of polish.


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A Very Special Reward That Contains A Beautiful Green Ezza Tote, A Rose Gold Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Hot And Cold For Hours, Our Favorite, Award-Winning Cuticle Oil And Hand Lotion, And Luxury French Soap All In A Green And Gold Cosmetic Bag.


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