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Project Description

Beyond general health ed and before sex ed lies the opportunity to teach girls about their PELVIC HEALTH.  Why does this matter – or matter to you? Because it’s more than likely that your daughter, mother, sister, aunt, spouse or another important woman or girl in your life will experience disruptive, compromised pelvic health – issues which are largely preventable and treatable.

There’s a lot going on down there!

Girls have complicated systems that can go awry without proper care and training. They can also thrive in a state of pelvic wellness. Learning the essentials about her body below the belt can set a girl up for great overall health the rest of her life.

As the premier women’s pelvic health organization for women and girls, we’re here to raise funds for the development of the first all-pelvic health app for girls to help them navigate their way through the peaks and valleys of their pelvic region.

Put the Power of Pelvic Health in a Girl’s Hands and She Will Go Far

What does a pelvic health app look like? Fun! It features lively, animated interactive modules that take the user from place to place within her pelvic region, to learn what each part looks like, what it does, and how to take care of it. On a visit to the Below Your Belt app she can:

  • Explore the Build A Pelvis module to learn about the bones, muscles, systems, and organs of her pelvic region, from the inside out
  • Track water intake and have a quick check-in with the Shades of Yellow Chart
  • Play with food combos to build good, nutritious, fiber-filled snacks and meals (so she doesn’t experience Constipation Consternation)
  • Stretch and “Om” with yoga poses to relieve cramps, constipation, and stress
  • Learn how to engage her invisible “corset” so she can protect her bladder function and experience more power in her athletic performance
  • Follow her friend, Ovum, the Princess of Ovulation, on her journey through the reproductive system to fully understand how the entire process of menstruation really happens – and why
  • Measure her moods on the Hormonal Roller Coaster and take charge with a period tracker designed especially for tween and teen girls

Issues below the belt impact the lives of tens of millions of grown up girls every day. Things like bladder leaks, constipation, and painful or excessive periods can negatively affect relationships, activity levels, and overall health. Women spend billions of dollars, both inside and out of the healthcare system dealing with these issues.  Our research shows that at a young age, many girls are already symptomatic with preventable issues that can follow them into adulthood, if not taught differently.  By getting over the stigma early-on and teaching REAL health and knowledge below the belt, we can change the current women’s health paradigm and create a positive experience for grown-up girls of the future. This is our mission!

2 thoughts on “Below Your Belt App for Girls 10-14

  1. Missy M

    We agree, Robin! This is one of the channels we have identified for distribution. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have this app given to the girls (AND boys) to play with during the month or six weeks of puberty ed in 5th or 7th grade? Eventually we could see there being a game where the person playing gets her period and gets points if she goes to school, OR double points if she goes to gym class. We know that many girls are told by their grown up that it is alright to miss school or skip gym if they have cramps or their period. Not only are they missing out on education or physical activity, but also, potentially missing out being screened for serious health issues like fibroids or endometriosis, in the case of really painful periods.

    Thank you for your observation and support!

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