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Barter & Aid Virtual Innovation Hub

Where T.E.A.M.S. Work to Make Dreams Work!
(In Tech, Engineering, Arts, Math, & Science for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Small Businesses)

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Project Description

          The Barter & Aid Virtual Innovation Hub represents the 1st online Innovation Ecosystem that introduces a virtual Makerspace, STEM & Innovation LMS, Business Accelerator, and Marketplace for Development Services on a Social Networking Platform. It was founded to provide immediately actionable solutions, comprehensive innovation education, and STEM-related development services to under-capitalized inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to help accelerate their development and aid in their growth. Its purpose is to facilitate many STEM interns' provision of valuable development resources/aid to address innovators’ continuous service needs and prevent premature abandonments of great ideas/businesses. 

PROBLEM:  Even after program participation, innovators can be forever suspended in the R&D phase for years without access to STEM-related services necessary to fully construct, complete, or commercialize their ideas.  We pick up where most programs/competitions leave off by providing FREE STEM-related development services (ex. FREE graphic/CAD designs, prototypes/3D-printing, website/app dev., etc.).

           B&A's designed to make the innovation process as easy as it’s supposed to be. By galvanizing and tapping into idle HBCU STEM talents, academic institutions, and other corporate/community partner assets, it will serve as a resource equalizer & maximizer by creating a world-class, virtual innovation ecosystem that’ll provide holistic start-up and “growth, development, and “continuity” services to those with the greatest needs.

The Barter & Aid Platform was scheduled and prepared to launch in March 2022, however was prevented from doing so due to our inability to continue to reach and meet with registered members and financial resources drying up.  This has caused a major set back for the entire company, putting it “on pause” for nearly 3 years.  Even now, having resurfaced from the ashes of the pandemic, we’re finding that the funding landscape has changed.  Many investors have pulled out while others have been prevented from providing funding to certain groups.   

  Funding support will enable us to begin to create and provide comprehensive STEM-related development services “on-demand” for underserved, under-represented, and under-capitalized inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses while achieve:

  • Our Purpose to make the inventing, development, and start-up process easier overall.

  • Our Ambition to establish best practices to simplify and accelerate the entire development process enabling all to fully construct, complete, and commercialize their ideas. 

  • Our Aim to create a world-class virtual innovation hubWhere T.E.A.M.S. Work to Make DREAMS Work (in Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Science for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners) in an effort to provide effective, holistic solutions to keep US innovators inventing.

  • Our Goal to breed generations of US innovators by providing a means to solve/avert common problems faced during R&D and post-launch phases.

    Our Mission to help colleges/universities realize their potential: 1) as STEM supply-chains, 2) to create more STEM experiential training internships, 3) to establish innovation ecosystems & virtual makerspaces on their campuses, 4) to increase minority STEM enrollments & overall interest in STEM professions, and 5) to serve as virtual business accelerators to community innovators. 

By STEMulating Innovation Ecosystems and Revolutionizing STEM Experiential Training, with your support, we’ll be positioned to introduce 100’s of our hired interns to more “paid” STEM training that they seek.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the Barter & Aid Platform Live-  Yes, the platform is live and open to any person with an invention or business idea, product, or storefront.
  • Can anyone register if they just have an idea that they are working on. Yes  the B&A Platform is available at all stages of development.



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