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ttom - a chat fiction app for grown-ups

Reward: Monetary Contribution

ttom is thankful for any amount you are comfortable giving. If monetary giving is outside of your ability, we are ALWAYS grateful for social media likes & shares, as well as good ol' word of mouth!

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We are so thankful and we want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS, well not really, BUT we do wanna shout it from our Facebook and Instagram pages. And send you a personal thank you for being such an amazing supporter!

We will SHOUT YOU OUT as soon as we get your donation. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don't miss it.

Unlimited rewards for this amount are available.

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Reward: Free copy of The Actress & The Painter

If you donate $50, you will receive a free copy of the original piece that inspired ttom app. 

The Actress & The Painter by Carolyn Minor was written in 2013, and was comprised of exclusively text messages and emails. The ttom founder wanted to deliver it to the audience the same way you would experience it in real life. Thus began the 8 year journey to find tech people who shared Carolyn's vision. The novel is roughly 200 pages in traditional book format, but as chat fiction runs 2 and a half months. It follows a DRAMATIC and racy, overly romanticized relationship between two creatives in the Chicago winter of 2013. 

The code for the free copy will be sent to you when you download the app.

Unlimited rewards for this amount are available.

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Reward: Title Card Artwork and Free Copy!

With your $100 donation, you will receive a free copy of the chat fiction novel The Actress & The Painter by Carolyn Minor AND a 6"x11" print of the title artwork for the piece. 

The artwork for the piece is a team effort between owners, Jessica Kress and Carolyn Minor. Carolyn Minor hand painted and drew the emojis she envisioned for the world of the characters. Jessica Kress then added the water color effect for the background. 

The code for the free copy of the novel will be sent to you after you download the app.

The numbered and signed print will be shipped USPS after the crowdfunding campaign has ended.

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Reward: Playwriting for Kids and Teens

Do you know a kid or teen with a love of writing and endless imagination?!

Carolyn Minor will teach 4 sessions with your student to create a 10 minute play. The culmination of the playwriting experience will be a reading via ZOOM of all the plays written by students the donors enrolled. 

Carolyn Minor has been creating theater and performance in Chicago since 2001. She was a company member of the now defunct Knife & Fork Theatre Company that built artwork with a heavy emphasis on devised and movement-based pieces. She is a production manager at City Lit Theater Company and is the education associate and a teaching artist with American Blues Theater. She has written pieces performed at You Only Live Once More for SoloCrowd Chicago, at AbbieFest for Knife & Fork, Brecht 3 High Fest for The Island Theater Company, and Ghostlight Ensemble’s Nightlight Series. As an advocate for empathy and early childhood exposure to the arts, she is grateful to be reaching students in a new and exciting way, keeping them engaged while everyone stays safe at home.


Carolyn Minor will connect to set up a schedule for developing a schedule for the student after the donation is made. Within 2 business days.

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Reward: 3 Page Website Build

Are you looking for a website AND a way to support women in STEM?!

Jessica Kress, the owner and UX designer for ttom, has a degree in UX design and a background in coding. Jessica will have a consultation with you to determine what your website needs are and how best to build a 3 page website for your personal, hobby, or business needs.

Jessica Kress with connect with the donor within 2 business days to set the consultation. Delivery of the finished website will be determined after the consultation and complexity of the project has been established.

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Reward: Print by Artist Alyssa Beech

ttom's AMAZINGLY talented and very kind friend and fellow artist Alyssa Beech donated a print to us for this crowdfunding campaign.

Alyssa is a "chicago maker of many things".  Alyssa Beech  graduated from the School of the Art Institute Chicago in 2014, and recently completed continuing studies in weaving at SAIC. She is also an art teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. Alyssa has shown her work throughout Chicago since 2013. This year she is creating work with a women's art collaboration taking place in Australia, 2022. 

This piece is entitled The Lily, 2016. (13"x17")

Also, for more of Alyssa's work that is for sale check out her shop. There is a print entitled Remembering Fred Hampton  that leaves you breathless. 

This item will be shipped standard FEDEX to the donor after the close of the crowdfunding campaign. Tracking will be provided.

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Reward: Print by Artist Sotirios Livaditis

This print by Chicago artist and scenic designer Sotirios Livaditis was inspired by The Little Prince, a family favorite for ttom founder Carolyn Minor. And we just love him and think his work is so beautiful! He also has his pieces for sale here.


Sotirios Livaditis is an award-winning Chicago based scenic designer who has committed himself to discovering what live stories look like.

In the Chicago region he has worked with Jackalope Theatre, About Face, (re)discover theatre, Rare Terra Theatre, Northwestern University and Citadel Theatre (among others). Formerly a Colorado Native, he also worked with Bas Bleu Theatre, Openstage Theatre, Canyon Concert Ballet and the Candlelight Playhouse (among others).

He received his MFA from Northwestern University and was recently honored with the Best Design Exhibition Award at the 2017 Michael Merritt Awards.



This item will be shipped standard FEDEX to the donor after the close of the crowdfunding campaign. Tracking will be provided.

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Reward: Print by Artist Candice Johnson

Candice Johnson is a born and bred Chicago artist, painting anything from large gray scale murals in amazing restaurants and bars throughout the city to scratch board pieces of family's furry friends, and a staple at the Glenwood Art Festival each year, showing with her mom. Our very favorite piece by CJ was outside of Rogers Park Social for many years.

This piece is a scratch board print of a lovable, snuggly dog, and comes framed and stamped with her CandiceWithAnEye logo. 

This item will be shipped standard FEDEX to the donor after the close of the crowdfunding campaign. Tracking will be provided.

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