Wish Me: Creating a zero waste party

The Wish Me app will help you create personal, convenient and enjoyable party experiences for you and your guests.

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Project Description

my story


I am a mom of two boys – 7 and 4 years. My husband and I love celebrating life’s milestones, big and small, especially birthdays and anniversaries with our family and friends. We are very grateful for the life we lead especially being able to call a beautiful country like Canada our home. While our kids are young (and want to hang out with us), we make a conscious effort to spend as much time as possible creating memorable moments with them, our family and friends. We achieve this by spending quality time with our kids and documenting life through pictures and videos.

Our celebrations range from movie and ice cream dates to parties where we invite many loved ones for amazing food, music and conversation!

the problem

As a seasoned event (party) host, I recognize the challenges of planning and attending events including creating/sending invitations, finding appropriate greeting cards and gifts. We use facebook, evite, email and various other online services to send invitations and almost always have to follow up with email, text and phone to receive RSVP’s. The reason most guests don’t RSVP right away is that the actual invitations are impersonal. Inviting people is definitely hard work! It doesn’t get any easier as a guest because it generally follows spending quite a lot of time finding that perfect greeting card and gift. Unfortunately, 70% of event hosts do not like what they receive for gifts and end up returning, re-selling, giving away, re-gifting or throwing away gifts that they receive. All this unwanted giving and receiving results in stress for our family and friends, and the environment. In fact, the cost of “unwanted” gifting in the US is approximately 90 Billion dollars each year.

The reason for all the waste created during social events is very simple…the entire process of invitations, greetings and gifts is impersonal. Invitation and greetings cards usually end up in the recycle bin or a shoebox (which is thrown out at a later stage). Gifts are rarely used by the recipient. But giving gifts feels so good… so how can we still give gifts without creating all this waste?

the solution


Our company tackles this challenge with simplicity and ease. Making the entire process efficient, personal and enjoyable with the use of videos, pictures, wish-lists and a wallet/storage, Wish Me helps save time and money while helping the environment. By using the Wish Me app you will be able to create personal picture or video invitations for your events. Your guests will receive them through text or email and be able to RSVP on the event website. It will be very easy for you to track RSVP’s using Wish Me and wait for it…you can save all your video / picture invitations in one spot, that you will have access to anytime, anywhere. How about that? A virtual shoe box. Imagine replaying those invitations after a few years when your kids are all grown up. Imagine having your kids create their own videos that you can upload to the invitation.

It gets better. Your guests, if they choose, can also download the app and send you a personal video or picture greeting for your event. In addition, they have the option to see your wish-list (if you choose to add your favourite stores to it) and attach a gift card to their greeting. The time savings for your guests are phenomenal and you, as a host, receive the gift that you WANT. Imagine looking at video greetings from events from a few years ago and reminiscing those beautiful moments.

Wish Me allows the recipients of gift cards to store, keep track of and use the gift cards within the app, at their convenience, online or in store.


wish me

After bootstrapping for quite some time, we have finally been able to create the Wish Me app for Apple mobile devices. The next step for us is to create the Wish Me app for Android phones so all mobile users can access the amazing richness of video invitations and greetings through the Wish Me app. In addition, the funds will be used to maintain the app, develop and test many other features that you have asked us to integrate within the app.  For example, in the current version of the app we will only have one gift card available for guests to buy for hosts. With the money we raise from friends and family, we will be able to increase the selection of gift cards available to Wish Me users to about 25 gift cards in the Canadian market and many more in the US. We want to be able to provide a rich event planning and attending experience to Wish Me users and we need your help to make that a reality.


Now that you love the idea and want to see it come to fruition, ask yourself how much you want to help. Any assistance (monetary, sharing this with your network and so on) will help this project move forward and make Wish Me a reality for you and your friends and family.