The Exchange – a documentary TV series

We're asking people from opposite sides of the Divide in our country to work together to make our world better.

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Project Description

Are you in disbelief about the Divide in our country? Do you live in a Bubble? The Exchange is a TV series where we’re asking people from opposite sides of the Divide to work together to make our world better.


About The Exchange

My name is Susanne Goldstein. As a city-person from Boston, MA, and a citizen who cares deeply about the Divide in our country, I set out earlier this year to shoot the documentary film Blue Girl in a Red State in Lawrence County, Alabama. I wanted to help “burst the bubble” that many have been living in and share the hopes and dreams of a Southern, rural community with city dwellers around the country. I began to understand why our affiliations, hopes and dreams are so different, and as I did, the project morphed  into a documentary TV series we’re calling The Exchange.

Part “Extreme Home Makeover”, part “Wife Swap,” part “The Apprentice,” The Exchange is about people. People who live in different places, face different challenges, and experience our country in completely different ways. And it’s about getting these seemingly incompatible people to work together to help make our world better.

It’s become clear that no government, nor elected official can heal the divisiveness in our country. It will take people building bridges and helping each other, mano-a-mano, to address our serious problems and show that we are all just people, doing what we can to live our best lives, every day.

How Will It Work?

Lawrence County, Alabama (LC) is a Red County in the Northwestern part of the state along the Tennessee River. It was decimated in 2013 when the County’s main employer, International Paper, closed overnight leaving 30% of the working-adults in the county without a way to support their families. Team Boston, a group of talented business people and marketers will come to LC to work on a project called “Lawrence County is Open for Business” that will focus on teaching the people of LC how to showcase their county to companies looking to bring jobs back to our country.

Boston, Massachusetts has almost everything going for it, but is also known for being unfriendly and hard to get to know. Team LC, a group of hospitality ambassadors will come to Boston to work on a project called “Smile Boston” that will focus on helping Bostonian soften their rough exteriors in hopes of becoming a friendlier city.

It is our hope that working on these projects in teams will help us grow to understand each other better, breaking down the walls that divide us and showing that we are better when we work together.

Want to Be Part of The Exchange?

Casting We are currently casting Season 1 of The Exchange. If you’re in Boston or Lawrence County and are interested in participating on a team, please email us at

In the Manufacturing Industry? If you are, or know of a company that is looking to build facilities in a hard working, rural community, please email us at

Contribute! Most importantly, I humbly ask that you dig deep and give generously to help us make our TV show, The Exchange, a reality, and show the world that when Americans help Americans we can heal the divide.

Our Rewards

Contributing to our project will help us in so many ways. And we want to thank you by giving back to you as well. Our Rewards include:

  • A crew T-shirt
  • Career Coaching by Susanne for yourself of your child
  • Business Coaching by Susanne for your startup or established business
  • A Keynote presentation by Susanne as your business or association
  • Show Sponsorship for all of our first season.

Plus lots more. So please glance to the right to learn all about how we want to say thanks back.

Meet Susanne Goldstein

Sushooting at Hardees - croppedsanne started her career at the National Theatre of Great Britain before working her way up in the entertainment industry in both London and Hollywood. At the beginning of the Internet Age, she moved to Silicon Valley to start building technology companies. In 2013 she joined The Verna Myers Company, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm that works to create social justice in the workplace by dismantling the systems and structures that prevent equity. She is ecstatic that with The Exchange she is bringing all of her passions  — filmmaking, technology, product development and social justice together in one project.

About the Exchange
How Will It Work?
Our Rewards
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Watch Our Extended Teaser HERE

Already a Contributor?

If you have previously given to our campaign when it was called Blue Girl in a Red State, we ask that you consider giving again as our mission grows and we work to make our country a better place.

Interested in Helping? Get in Touch

Want to See What We’ve Shot So Far? Click here

How We’re Using the Funds Raised 

First Round: $37,500 Raised

With the financial support we received from our amazing backers of our initial iFundWomen campaign, we were able to:

– Bring a production crew to Lawrence County, AL for 9 days and the Women’s March on Washington for 1 day.

– Produced 4 vignettes and 2 teasers

– Developed a SOLUTION to the divide in our country by introducing The Exchange

Second Round Goal – $35,000

– Hire production staff

– Produce a sizzle reel to send to Hollywood studios like Netflix, Amazon and HBO

– Deploy members of Team Boston and Team LC

– Bring together Team LC  for planning meetings

Check out the Vignettes That We’ve Already Shot in Lawrence County

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