Plug-In-Pods: Shipping Containers for Social Good

Affordable Chic Housing And Small Business Spaces

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Project Description


Simplifying construction and design with sustainability in mind.

open container2b  (Image shows two pods, one home and one office space)

We at ReJuve Corp. want to make it easy for anyone to affordably build a home, buy a home and build a successful business where they live!

Plug-in-Pods are repurposed shipping containers as chic affordable housing and entrepreneurial spaces.

Plug-In-Pods employ recycling, manufacturing and industrial design as an equitable community development strategy that provides affordable and adaptive spaces for all.

We’re re-building community through sustainable products.*

We’re rewriting the construction industry.*

We’re re-imagining affordable housing as a rapid industrial manufacturing process.*

The potential global impact for rapidly built affordable living and work spaces is huge, especially as our urban centers grow. We intend to disrupt the $400 billion construction industry by the materials we use, how we recycle them and how we deliver.

We do this to strengthen communities, stabilize neighborhoods and transform urban spaces into inspiring places for all.

*Uses for our Pods include:

  • Housing (Single Moms/Dads, Homeless, Veterans, Seniors, Millennials, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, etc.)
  • Small Businesses (Startups, Diner, Coffee Shops, Co-working, Retail, Bookstores, Accountant Offices, etc.)
  • Clinics (Mobile Oncology Units, OBGYN, Urgent Care, Cardiology Clinics, Pediatrics, etc.)
  • Accessory Units (Baby Nurseries, Assisted Living, Mobile Gym, etc.)
  • Urban Farming (Mobile Farmer’s Markets)
  • Classrooms/Computer Labs (Youth Robotics, STEM Labs, etc.)
  • …and more

What Will We Do With $20,000 Raised?

This $20,000 goal supports:

  • Build Prototype– purchasing and repurposing a 40ft container into an affordable-quality space (electrical,permits,equipment,marketing,welding,interior,materials,delivery,HVAC)
  • Marketing and Visibility– outreach and PR critical to expanding networks and attracting investors, philanthropic foundations and community partners
  • Fees- there are transaction fees associated with this campaign and included in the project goal

open container2

*This is a fixed funding campaign, so all or nothing.

So Who Are We?

We are landscape architects. We are builders. We are community developers. We are scientists.

Our vision is to reuse and upcycle materials to develop permanent equitable communities and effective neighborhood services around the globe through cost-efficient and environmentally sound methodologies.

“We’re bridging manufacturing and industrial engineering with landscape architecture.” – Wanona Satcher, ReJuve Founder/CEO

Our team also includes:

  • CGI International– my container supplier located in Atlanta, Ga
  • Professional Consultants- pro bono landscape architectural, architectural, contractor, welding services and artists
  • Advisors- Oxford Center for Entrepreneurship in Atlanta, GA and the Circular Board Women’s Accelerator based in Houston, TX

ConGlobal+2008sm (1)         Ox    logoCB

Rewards For Donating To Our Campaign

Our rewards theme is ‘women who build’– how we build communities, networks, families. etc. And Yes- Spreading the Word Counts!

Look to the right of this page- rewards include amazing girl power gifts such as:

I AM A BUILDER Hero Badge!




“The Women Who Made New York” – Autographed by Julie Scelfo (a must read)





Campaign Logo Bumper Sticker


Sponsor-A-Container and a local artist will beautifully wrap the unit with your name !

open container2_name

 What Next?

The Plug-In-Pod project spans three fundraising phases. These phases are:

  • Phase I. (This Campaign) Purchase a container and repurpose it into an affordable pod space 
  • Phase II (3-4 Months) Acquire blighted properties; design/build several affordable units; process development
  • Phase III (6-8 Months) Purchase or lease a local manufacturing facility that will help me scale idea and IT/cloud application development (our knowledge-share capability to connect container communities around the globe)

For more info and updates please follow us:

@rejuve2 (Instagram) and @wajisa (Twitter)

Social Media Support! When tweeting this campaign please use the following hashtags-




Our company’s work incorporates women and minority-owned businesses as key partners. In fact we’ve collaborated for this campaign to bring you, our supporters, the best rewards as sincere thanks for your financial contributions.

Huge thanks to our partners (below) for helping us create these amazing rewards:

Julie Scelfo; Author and Contributor to the New York Times

Jaymes Carter; CEO of Imagicept Design

Meredith Fineman; Founder and CEO of FinePoint

Teia James; CEO and Founder of Sincerely Teia™, Customized Fine Artistry®

Johnny Jones; CEO and Founder of Zoë Pictures

Daveia Odoi, CEO and Founder of The DynaSmiles 

Lynsey Weatherspoon; CEO and Founder of Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

LaJoyce Smith; CEO and Founder of Nubian Hue Non Brew Coffee

Images taken by my team or used with permission.

*Special thanks to iFundWomen, family, friends and supporters for feedback and helping me develop this campaign*

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