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Project Description

The Mess in a Bottle Dream
Mess in a Bottle is an expressive brand that allows you to say whatever you want without ever having to say anything at all. Our t-shirt company allows you to put bold and witty messages about love, career and life on t-shirts that come packaged in reusable bottles.

Kalilah Wright, owner and creative director of Mess in a Bottle, was born in Jamaica W.I. She migrated to the United States at the tender age of 4 and was raised in Brooklyn, NY. As an accomplished designer, she was living out the American dream of being an entrepreneur and owning her own shop.

The Mess in a Bottle Nightmare

Never in her wildest nightmares would Kalilah think she would be included in a victim of increased crime in Baltimore, Maryland. 278 homicides have been recorded thus far in the city and whilst minimal tangible valuables were stolen, the most devastating repercussion of the ordeal was having that dream disrupted.

The Mess in a Bottle Resurrection

Despite the events being very traumatic, Kalilah has ultimately decided not to give up. Her Baltimore shop is currently closed due to safety concerns and this campaign was initiated by iFundWomen to help reestablish Kalilah’s faith; not only in her community but also in her entrepreneurial goals. Supporting this campaign can help Kalilah purchase a new laptop, reopen her shop and get her booming business back on track.

Please support to help reinstate the dream.

Here’s how it works! You can either DONATE! or DONATE by purchase of a product. Select between a t-shirt (black, white, or gray), sweatshirt (black, white, gray) or mug (black or white 11oz.). This will feature our signature campaign MESSAGE “Just keep going. – the Universe”. After purchase, before the conclusion of the campaign, we will be in touch for sizing and detail of your selected item.

Thank you for your love and support!

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Visit to shop some of our other great MESSAGES!

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