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Project Description


We are a manufacturer of essential oil products made from pure, premium ingredients that align with the growing trend toward natural, organic & eco-friendly beauty and wellness products. Based in Asheville, NC, Adoratherapy was co-founded by Laura McCann, CEO and Chief Formulator Adora Winquist and is a women-owned Company.

In the summer of 2015, Adora and I embarked on a journey of self-transformation  as we came together to solve a problem all women have:

“How do we boost how we feel in the moment when we most need it, yet don’t have the time or space to meditate, pray, breathe, or relax?”

An expert Aromatherapist and Energy Healer, Adora was already making blends that were gaining an audience with “those in the know” in the health and wellness markets. We met at a friend’s birthday party. After many years in senior positions in the fashion and technology industry I was looking for a new business idea that could touch, move and inspire women in a deeper way. We put our hearts together to create a product line deeply aligned with the feminine divine.


The Mood Boost Revolution is Born

Boost Your Mood. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our expertly blended essential oils are the next big thing in natural fragrance. We call this movement towards natural perfume “Scent with Intent”.

Life is exciting and challenging and we all want to be more of what we want to be. We all want to feel more of what we want to feel.

ADORAtherapy Mood Boosts transform your mood in the moment by setting your intention through breath and the powerful connection scent creates with your limbic system. When you anchor positive new thoughts with deep breathing and the powerful healing of essential oils you instantly see your moods transform with your healthy practice of self love and healing.

After 19 months in business, multiple amazing awards for our formulations and unique packaging, we are ready to launch our first retail concept in our new home town of Asheville North Carolina ( We are ex- New York, New Jersey Gals). We are actively growing our wholesale business with over 700 accounts including Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Good Earth, Francesca’s, Ricky’s and so many wonderful boutiques and spas.  We plan to grow to over 2000 retail doors this year.

We just moved into a space which houses our manufacturing space, offices and showroom and want to carve out space for our innovative retail concept: The Mood Boost Bar.


Why a Mood Boost Bar?

Our Mood Boost Bar is an all encompassing retail experience that offers:

  • Shopping
  • DIY Workshops
  • One on one Mood Boost Consultations
  • Education
  • Custom formulating
  • Healing Space with chakra and Mood Boost modalities
  • Free monthly community outreach
  • Factory Tours

This campaign will help to fund:

  • The development and implementation of our community programs: weekly women’s groups on topics such as the feminine divine, managing your moods, how to use essential oils in your daily practice, ceremony and many more
  • The purchase of displays and point of sale fixtures
  • The development of packaging for our exclusive online and locally sold “Asheville Collection” which will include our Tantra Boost, Kiddie Boost, Pet Boost and Performance Boost concepts.
  • Upgrades to our website to support event scheduling and workshop reservations and payment
  • Videos of our workshops and classes to share with folks who can’t make it to Asheville
  • Other local Mood Boost product assortments such as T-Shirts and product extensions
  • The hire of retail sales associates
  • Local Advertising and digital marketing

As part of our outreach we will be commissioning local artists to support our retail launch in a variety of disciplines:

  • Glass blowing – Bottles
  • Graphic Design – Labels and art
  • Distilling – Local oils
  • Organic Farming – Local gardens
  • Blacksmith – Signs and fixtures

Asheville is a booming travel destination and has been named one of the hottest cities in the US. Known for its breweries, Biltmore House, great food and music, it also happens to be a mecca for healing.  The downtown scene is incredible with over 9+ million visitors a year. We’d like to make Asheville the destination for Aromatherapy and have Adoratherapy become a rising local star supporting jobs and economic growth in the wellness category- Nothing wrong with beer- but let’s lead the way for healthy habits too!

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