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Bronx, NY

Hue Capital

A modern-day media and tech platform powered by AI; advancing the next generation of Industry Experts & Thought Leaders.

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Modern Media
Chicago, IL

Creative Cravings Podcast

We’re Jewish twins in Chicago growing a global podcast + community that celebrates creativity, food, friendship, fulfillment & tikkun olam.

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Art + Music
Modern Media
Social Good
Cambridge, MA


Help GRLSQUASH make the switch to Hemlock Printers (Kinfolk, Gather Journal) for our forthcoming third issue, TAKING ROOT (Summer 2019).

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Modern Media
Baltimore, MD

The Internet of Mysterious Things

A children's book with a touch of technology. Living, NFC-enabled book about the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Modern Media
New York City, NY

OpenUp Media and Politics Project

OpenUp connects the dots between our data and our behavior, helping us understand ourselves and our world better

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Modern Media
New york, NY

Old Habits

Two women are reunited at the site of the hunting accident that left one of them disabled.

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Modern Media
New York, NY

Swaay Media

SWAAY Media is a new platform that elevates and empowers women entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors.

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Modern Media