The Rise of the Working Mother

A clip of my inspiration and desire to capture the challenges that ambitious working mothers face when trying to balance home & life.

Meltdown Momma Family March 19, 2017 at 1:14 pm
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Project Description

Who am I? me

I am Domonique Townsend, a native Nashvillian who is a wife, mom, engineer, business owner. I enjoy empowering other people. I am a full time working mother who seeks to find answers to the mystery of the modern day workplace. I am the founder of Meltdown Momma, a business that focuses on integrating work and life principles for ambitious working mothers to be confident and successful in reaching personal goals and raising their family. By day I manage projects whose end goal is to increase the value of processes performed and improve overall customer satisfaction. I am an author, a speaker and lover of the community. I lead a venture entitled, Engineered 2 Succeed which strives to help maintain and increase the retention rate of minorities who seek to receive their engineering degree.

What is your campaign about?

What brings me to you is my passion to create a documentary to capture the evolution of the working mother in the workplace. Over the past few decades there has been a significant increase in the number of working mothers who have higher level of educations and are choosing to stay in the workplace after having children. These mothers have ambitious goals and increased demand to reach new heights in their career. It seems that the makeup of existing beliefs and standards does not match up to the rise of our today’s working mothers. We are essentially in a modern America with old traditional flows of what is perceived to be effective in the workplace. I want to capture the bottlenecks that are preventing workplaces from adapting an environment that allows for success in work life integration. With existing construct of today’s work environment, it lacks the evolution needed to support the rise of the working mother.


We must change the perception that working mothers are seeking special privileges when looking for flexibility. The working day must evolve and reevaluate the traditional working day for everyone and consider what yields more productive people.

What problem does it solve?  Screen-Shot-2012-09-11-at-10.55.00-PM

We will be creating a production that will help transform the construct of today’s working day and match them to grow with the growth of working mothers who are increasingly becoming more involved in their career but still seek the flexibility to be there for their family.

Why are you uniquely qualified? 

I represent today’s working mother who has dreams and ambitions to do more in their career. I personally understand the challenges that many mothers experience today in the work field. I have interacted in candid discussions with over 75 women on this particular issue to gain feedback on the concerns and sacrifices that had to be made due to the demand of the structure of the traditional workplace. I have the passion and drive to share the voice of the working mother and identify/propose solutions for today’s work environment to consider.



How will you capture the challenges that working mothers face in their documentary? 

My goal is to explore the lives of a few working mothers as they grapple with integrating work and home while pursuing their passions, accomplishing their entrepreneurial dreams, and climbing the corporate ladder. We’re going to dig in deep exploring their fears, their insecurities, and the reasons they find it difficult to reach their best.

How will sparking conversations on the rise of the working mother serve as a benefit in the American workplace?

Over 57% of ambitious working mothers turn down promotional opportunities due to the makeup of the workplace. I believe that in order for there to be a transformation in the workplace, you must first make people aware of the challenges. This documentary will serve as a voice for the ambitious working mother who desires to grow in their career but is afraid to communicate her need for flexibility. I want to show that there is a greater benefit in productivity and value that will be gained in a workplace that acknowledges the challenges and puts forth effort in identifying an active solution.

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Why contribute to The Rise of the Working Mother Campaign? 

I have interacted with ambitious working mothers from all walks of life to learn more about their challenges, their hopes, and their dreams. Of all the mothers I interviewed, more than 65 percent said they experienced at least one time in their lives where they struggled to balance work and home. Of that number, a great number of them revealed that they were not satisfied with where they were in their careers. They expressed that it was difficult to reach the top because they felt it conflicted with their responsibilities as a mother. shutterstock_124214356

This has to stop.

I want the Rise of the Working Mother documentary to shed light on these challenges and offer solutions on how to best address them. No mom should be prohibited from reaching her dreams just because she has children. No mother should be held back from reaching her full potential because she has a life outside of her career. And moms shouldn’t have to feel guilty for pursuing passions outside of their homes.

Why can’t moms have it all?

Why can’t the workplace evolve to meet the needs of mothers?

Why can’t we do better?

 I think we can.


That’s why I’m doing this documentary. I want to shed light on these issues, give ambitious working mothers a real voice, share viable solutions to successfully integrate work and home, AND be on top of your game while at work.

It is possible.

We can do this. Together.